Our Brands

Purplefish Creative Studio is a growing content creation brand with a family of growing travel sites highlighting local and international travel. Purplefish Creative Studio is the parent company of GenXTraveler.com (2016), AC365Fun.com (2020), and BeansBikesandBlooms.com (2022). Our brands serve distinctively different niches and audiences all within the realm of travel. GenXTraveler.com focuses on adventure travel for travelers over 40, multigenerational travel, cruises, and resorts. AC365Fun.com is a niche site specific to Atlantic City beyond the casino floors. It is a family-oriented site for those who want to visit this seaside casino-centric resort to do more than gamble. And finally, just launched in 2022 is BeansBikesandBlooms.com the site that pairs a love of coffee, cycling, and gardens with a passion for travel. We are open to working with brands, doing freelance writing, guest posts, promotional materials, design work, and more.